About everything...
Aging furniture - table/stool made to last
Chameleon - flexible extra chair
Chief - easychair made of only wood and leather, no glue or screws

Frame lampFrame is a lamp that you can decorate yourself. It's built up with four rectangular shapes where you can place your favorite pictures or paintings.

Frame lampFirst painting on a 3D object.

Frame lampMy way to write diary is to draw. I don't plan what to do, the patterns and motives emerge as I have the pen in my hand.

Tent London 100% - Exhibition with new furniture, with the designgroup I2A3
Where: Tent London at the old Truman Brewery
When: 22/9 – 25/9 2011

Inspired by PeopleInspired by People is and exhibition and auction which I'm attending at The Gallery SoHo in London THIS WEEKEND of june, friday the 24th! Read more about the event...

Norrmejerier-stipendiet 2011
I'm one of five nominees for a scholarship, Norrmejerier-stipendiet 2011. The voting started the 27th of april and ends the 26th of may. http://www.norrmejerier.se/stipendiet/vasterbotten

Skorpinjon Showroom – Exhibition of furniture and paintings
Where: Rådhusesplanaden 13, Umeå
When: 14/5 – 19/5 2011
Vernissage: Saturday 14/5 14.00

Back from Japan! Check out some of the action in our blog about the trip and a swedish article at VK.se.

See you in Japan! at the Designtide Tokyo 2010 October 30 - November 2. Hall A, Stand nr: 18. Designgroup I2A3.